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Colin Stephen Cooper, PH.D.

Associate Dean of Innovation
Faculty of Medicine and Health
University of East Anglia, Norfolk
United Kingdom

Professor Cooper is Associate Dean of Innovation for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of East Anglia. Jointly with Professor Ros Eeles, he leads the Pan Prostate Cancer Group (PPCG), funded by Cancer Research UK and Prostate Cancer UK. PPCG is a collaboration of over 60 scientists and clinicians in nine countries whose task it is to harmonize Whole Genome DNA Sequence Data, Methylome data and RNAseq data from over 2,000 cancer patients with the aim of addressing key clinical problems relevant to men with prostate cancer. A specialty area of investigation for his group is analysis of the microbiome in the prostate and urine and assessing the role of bacteria in the development of prostate cancer. In the role Professor Cooper was a member of the Board of the Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership. His previous work led to the identification of genes involved in the development of many cancer types including kidney cancer, bladder cancer and human sarcomas. Professor Cooper has served on the Prostate Cancer Advisory Group advising the UK Government on the clinical management of men diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

Colin Stephen Cooper, PH.D.
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