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Ikuo Hirono, PH.D.

Professor, Laboratory of Genome Science,
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan and Editor-in-Chief, Fish and Shellfish Immunology

I am a Professor at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan. I obtained my doctoral degree from Kagoshima University, Japan. My research areas include the shrimp immune system, disease pathogenesis in fish and shrimp, effects of dietary supplements in aquatic animals, and development of vaccines against various aquatic diseases.  

My research work has been published (over 440 papers) in well-known international journals. I am listed in the top 2% of scientists in the world based on citation metrics. I have been part of the editorial team of several journals, such as co-editor in chief of Fish and Shellfish Immunology, associate editor of Review in Fisheries and Fish Biology, associate editor of Fisheries Science, editorial board member of Journal of Fish Diseases and Fish Pathology. Most of my research work involves international research collaborations under governments and in the private sector. 

I have/had many international students from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, India, South Korea, China, Columbia, Ecuador and Egypt. I have/had many of international research collaborations under governments.

Ikuo Hirono, PH.D.
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