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Wei-Le Wang, PH.D.

Assistant Research Fellow
Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica,
Nankang, Taipei

Dr. Wei-Le Wang received his PhD in Immunology from the University of Washington, Seattle. He is currently an Assistant Research Fellow at the Institute of Molecular Biology at Academia Sinica in Taipei. Dr. Wang's research focuses on understanding immune homeostasis in tissue barriers. His lab examines how stromal cells interact with immune cells to maintain tissue function, mechanisms that provide regulatory functions to tissue-resident immune cells, and preventing undesirable immune responses that can lead to diseases. He has published in prestigious journals including Nature Immunology and received the Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellowship. His current projects investigate adaptation of immune cells to tissue environments, acquisition of immune-modulatory functions by tissue-resident immune cells, and analysis of immune cells in mucosal barriers. Through his research on tissue-resident immunity, Dr. Wang aims to advance our understanding of immune regulation and homeostasis with the goal of developing new strategies to prevent inflammatory disorders. His innovative work has the potential to uncover new therapeutic targets and approaches for many immune-mediated conditions.

Wei-Le Wang, PH.D.
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